You might want to know something about counselling before your first visit. Many people visit counsellors. You might want help for a specific problem. Or you might want to develop more self-awareness, better understand your feelings or try new things. If you want help to manage a problem or discover more about yourself, counselling could be your answer.

What is Counselling?

Counselling is a method of dealing with your problems or issues by discussing them with a counsellor. When you talk things over, your counsellor will listen to you and give you full attention. Sometimes, an understanding ear is all that is needed. Discussing things makes them clearer. Other times, you may learn new skills, new ways to look at things or find solutions. Your understanding of the situation broadens and your confidence increases.

Reasons for Counselling

Clients come to counselling for many reasons. You might have a problem you just can’t quite cope with by yourself. It may be a vague feeling that something is not right and you want to talk it over. You may want to explore your world-view, take a new direction, get more out of life or be happier. Or improve your relationships or self-confidence.

You may be feeling anxious or stressed, having a hard time or something unexpected has happened. If you’ve lost a loved one or a job, received bad news or there’s a serious illness in the family, counselling will help you manage the change and deal with the stress.

You might want to stop smoking but just cannot quit by yourself. Often smoking is related to other problems, such as anxiety and stress. Help managing these problems as well as quitting will get you where you want to be – healthier and with more money to spend on better things!

Specific problems that clients bring to counselling include abuse, addictions, anxiety, depression, grief, panic, phobias, relationship problems and trauma.

Some people feel anxious all the time but don’t know why. Coping with life-changes or milestones, such as children leaving home, menopause or a parent dying may bring you to counselling, In fact, any problem relating to how you are feeling or thinking could be a reason to visit your counsellor. They will let you know if they can help you, and if not, point you to someone who can.

Whatever your concern, counselling can be a rewarding experience. You can gain confidence, independence and a new lease on life. If you need help, why not give it a try? You can make an appointment now through our Appointment booking calendar .

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