Conflict Resolution is something many people need at times.When relationships flounder, it’s difficult to reach understanding. Emotions flare up and feelings get in the way. It’s then difficult, if not impossible to stay cool or reach agreement. Discussing things with a neural person can help to calm the waters and sort things out.

Conflict Resolution

Conflict Resolution is a process that aims to solve disputes. The process involves discussing the disputed area with the parties involved and a third party, often referred to as a mediator.

Mediation is often a formal process with a trained mediator or legally qualified professional. In this instance, I am using the term mediator more informally, to mean no more than a person skilled in facilitating interpersonal conflicts or disagreements. It’s important to get the right kind of mediator for your circumstances. For couples who are having problems, we recommend Couples Counselling.

Mediators meets with the people who are having the disagreement. They listen to each person’s side of the story. Mediators don’t take sides. They want to help both parties equally. By staying neutral, they can help each side without bias or favour.

Mediators help each person to understand the other person more. Often disagreements are caused by misunderstandings. So it’s a good idea to make sure that each side really knows what the other needs or wants.

Sometimes, mediators speak to each person individually to get the full picture. Once they have a starting point, they work to bridge the gap between both parties.

If you are having an interpersonal conflict or misunderstanding, let us see if we can help.

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