Enneagram Self-Devlopment is a personal development course for people who want to know more about themselves, and how to live more successfully and happily. They have reached that stage in life where they want to do some serious self-inquiry and self-development.

When people begin to self-reflect, they realise that there is more to themselves than they know or understand. They start to wonder what they should be doing with their lives. If you’re going through some soul-searching, Enneagram Self-Development is what you need.

Enneagram Self-Development

Enneagram Self-Development is a course that teaches you about the Enneagram. The Enneagram is an amazingly insightful personality model that reveals important facts about you and your potential. You will discover your personality type and what that means for you.

You’ll learn about your strengths and traps and how to manage them. You will have a fabulous head start in handling difficult situations and getting more out of life.

You’ll learn about other people and their different priorities. This helps you to understand them more. Your relationships will improve. The Enneagram is rich, perceptive and life-changing.

The course is suitable for everyone. You just need curiosity and an open mind. Participants are swept away by the Enneagram’s accuracy and perception. As they hear about each type, they start to recognise themselves and people they know.


Enneagram Self-Development comprises 4 Parts, structured into 10 modules, each delivered in a 3-hour workshop, over several months. You enrol for each Part separately so you can take as much or as little as you want. But when you find out how interesting and insightful what you discover is, you are likely to want to do them all.

Part 1: Enneagram Overview, comprises Module 1, outlines the major features of the Enneagram and the nine personality types. Part 2: Enneagram Foundations comprises Modules 2-4, explores all the types in more details and will help you find your type. Part 3: Enneagram Intermediate comprises Modules 5-7, describes several behavioural patterns and preferences for each type. Part 4 Enneagram Advanced, Modules 8-10, covers advanced structures, such as integration, childhood patterns and spiritual development.

At each workshop, there are presentations, discussions, notes, and morning or afternoon tea. If you wish to pursue self-development, there are take-home activities you can carry out between Modules. You get a nice certificate at the completion of each Part. Courses usually begin in February and run throughout the year.

If you would like more details or would like to attend a course, please contact us. Let us know your interest and we’ll keep you informed. Perhaps you know someone else who would like to come along? You won’t be disappointed!

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Enneagram Self-Development is fascinating and insightful.

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