Mindfulness at Work is a course that will build resilience in your staff before stress gets them down! A fast-moving, tech-savvy, global economy shapes the modern workplace. Daily change and unpredictability can undermine your staff. Challenges are constantly thrown at workers’ resilience, causing immediate and potentially deadly effects on both personal and workplace productivity. Mindfulness at Work answers this challenge.

Mindfulness at Work

If stress is negatively affecting your staff, you need to take action before it causes irreversible damage. Mindfulness at Work will help you avoid loss through stress-caused inefficiency. Mismanaged, stress causes ill-health, slows the workflow and decreases productivity and profits. Restoring and maintaining resilience requires effective stress management skills.

Mindfulness at Work  draws on the latest findings of Neuroscience and the efficacy of Mindfulness practice to manage stress successfully. It helps staff stay calm, resilient and efficient.

Mindfulness at Work is delivered in 6 weekly 2-hour sessions. Each participant has a brief pre-course interview and a 1-1 session during the course. Additional 1-1 sessions are available if required. If any staff need extra help to deal with serious stress or other issues, I am an experienced, qualified counsellor/psychotherapist, and can provide that help.

You will learn Mindfulness and other self-management skills. You will receive 2 CDs or access to on-line recordings, and detailed notes for ongoing practice. Entrenched habits don’t change in just 6 sessions, so these materials will assist you to maintain deep level change. For interstate clients, we offer a 2-part intensive course, each part delivered over half a day. Inquire from us if you would like details.

All levels and types of workplaces are affected by stress – leaders, managers, staff and teams – business, organisations, government and non-for-profit. All will benefit by developing resilience through Mindfulness practice. If you want to better manage workplace stress and have cool, calm staff, Mindfulness at Work is a sound investment to make.

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Between Stimulus and Response, man has the freedom to choose (Stephen Covey)