Keeping students interested in their school subjects isn’t always easy. Getting them to think reflectively and understand why learning is important can be quite a challenge. Teaching students Philosophy is one way to improve interest, engagement and learning.

Philosophy for Teachers is a training course that teaches educators how to conduct Philosophy for Children (P4C) sessions. During the course, you participate in sessions in the same way that the children do. You then have hands-on experience in exactly what you need to do when running sessions yourself.

Philosophy for Children is a learning activity that teaches good reasoning, discussion and thinking skills. Teachers who can run P4C sessions have a head start in engaging with students more creatively and positively.

Philosophy for Teachers

Philosophy for Teachers shows participants how to conduct Philosophy for Children sessions using the Community of Inquiry (COI) methodology. The COI has rules to ensure that good discussion and learning occurs.

Participants, including the facilitator, sit in a circle so they can see and talk to each other. One person speaks at a time. Everyone is respected and listened to. Orderly discussion occurs so that meaning emerges. The method is transferable to teaching other subjects, improving their interest and appeal.

Classroom philosophy sessions benefit students and teachers. Students are more engaged and involved. They improve  in discussion, reflective thinking, reasoning and social skills.

Teachers benefit by creating a more positive learning environment and cooperative classroom culture.

Philosophy for Teachers follows the Federation of Australasia Philosophy in Schools Association’s (FAPSA) guidelines. The course is delivered in 4 x 4-hour sessions, plus one 2-hour feedback session, making a total of 18 hours. In the final session, you give and discuss feedback from your experience of delivering P4C to your class.

Comprehensive materials are included. Courses can be held externally or on site at your school. I am a FAPSA qualified facilitator of Philosophy for Teachers training, and have taught the programme to teachers at several schools in southern Tasmania.

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To improve your students’ performance and classroom morale, Philosophy for Teachers is what you need. Contact us now to arrange a course for your school or class. You’ll have so much fun, and so will your students!

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