Testimonials are statements from clients in their own words about their experience of your product or service. They may be given by email, letter, card, or as part of the feedback on evaluation forms.

Below are samples of our testimonials For more testimonials, please click on the links for each type. Most clients have given permission to use their names, otherwise a pseudonym is used. Children’s names have not been used, but a grade or age given instead. See also the Feedback Ratings, where these have been given.

Coaching Testimonials

‘Thankyou so much for all your hard work with me, I felt like a weight had been lifted off of my shoulders, and that the real possibility is that I deserve to be … the person I want to be…. you are fabulous.  I know that I will have to keep working on this until it is a habit, and new and improved habit to replace the old ones :)’ Ruth.

Counselling Testimonials

‘Hi Pauline,
I am writing to thank you for all your help during my recent counselling sessions, which I found so immensely helpful. With your professional and caring approach I felt able to rationalise and so work through my problems and worries …. I truly feel that I can get on with my life now, my self-doubt diminished and feeling more positive about the future. I also feel reassured that I can have more counselling if needs be. Thank you again Pauline,’ Kind regards, Louise.

Enneagram Testimonials

‘I can truthfully say that the Enneagram changed my life. It gave me an insight into myself that I had not had previously. For the first time I became aware of how other people saw me. I found it extremely challenging, as it meant accepting that there are aspects of my personality that I did not like. However, it made me better able to manage myself because I now have a stronger inner self-control. I understand more about people and how to best interact with them to solve problems…’ Mary, team leader.

Mindfulness Testimonials

‘I think mindfulness therapy is for everyone. I got so much out of this course. It is a fantastic way to get in touch with your “true” self. Pauline gives you all the skills required to live a healthy happy life and shows you how to maintain it (how wonderful). The mindfulness course is for everyone as I believe if you think you’re doing great, with this you can step it up a notch. Pauline is kind and knowledgeable but also empowers you to take responsibility for yourself. Enabling you to improve in all aspects of your life so you can be as good or as exceptional as you want to be!!!’ Lucy.

Philosophy Testimonials

Philosophy for Children: ‘I think it was exellent because it helped me think in a different way about things and I don’t think that there is only 1 right answer’ Grade 5 boy.

‘It was a new & interesting experience where I could open my mind & mouth. Thankyou’ Girl in mixed Grade 7-10 group.

Philosophy for Teachers: ‘I’d like to say how fabulous I found the second day in particular, I went away all inspired to do concept games etc, and use other things than literature for community of inquiry. I will be recommending to Lenah Valley where I also work when I am not teaching online for CELO that they consider getting you in to do some PD about this area as the LV children would love it I think’ Anne.

Philosophy for Adults: ‘Most enjoyable were our discussions. I recommend this course to everyone as it helps to broaden the mind’ Cheryl.

Feedback Ratings

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