The Enneagram for Couples is a course to help couples better understand and relate to each other. Even the best of relationships can be tough at times! Differences can emerge that cause conflict and hurt.

Difficulties usually result from poor understanding. Something is important to one person, but not to the other. This can lead to the feeling ‘you don’t care!’ The Enneagram for Couples illuminates these problems and helps you find solutions.

The Enneagram for Couples

The Enneagram for Couples is based on the Enneagram – an incredibly insightful model of personality types. By identifying and understanding your personality type and your partner’s, you become aware of why you agree on some things, but see others differently.


The Enneagram for Couples has 4 Parts, delivered in 10 Modules over several months. Each module consists of a 3-hour workshop and take-home activities for between modules. At each workshop, there are presentations, discussions, notes, morning or afternoon tea, and a certificate on completion of each of Part.

When you discover your own and your loved one’s personality, you have a whole new light on things. There are great opportunities for personal growth and relationship flourishing. This course might be the saving grace of your relationship!

If you would like more details or would like to attend a course, please contact us. Let us know your interest and we’ll keep you informed. When we have enough participants, we will schedule our next course. Perhaps you know some other couples who would like to come along? You won’t be disappointed!

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If you want to build a deeper relationship with your loved one, The Enneagram for Couples is for you.

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